EIP Series | Residential Pool Heat Pumps

The EIP-series swimming pool heat pumps are equipped with titanium condensers for both salt-, sea- and fresh-water pools.

Residential Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

This model range has a unique fibre reinforced resin casing that makes it more corrosion resistant when installed outdoors.  The heating capacity ranges from 6kW to 18kW.

The EIP-series heat pumps employ technology that includes an electronic expansion valve which automatically controls the internal flow of refrigerant according to the ambient temperature the units are operating in.

The control logic also encompasses an ECO-function which ensures that the heat pump only operates when ambient temperatures are above 10°C, thus optimising efficiency.  These units are also equipped with an automatic defrosting function which is excellent for self-protection when the units need to operate during the cooler moths of the year.

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About Enerflow

The Enerflow range is a proud brand of M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd. We specialise in residential, industrial, commercial, as well as, swimming pool heat pumps.

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