To calculate the size heatpump required, as well as running costs, provide the following parameters:

Insert Swimming Pool Parameters
Swimming pool location:
Electricity tariff [R/kWh]:
Wind exposure:
Completely indoors
Practically indoors but there is a gap between the roof and walls
Closed with walls on all sides and partly covered by a roof structure only
All walls are closer than 5 meters
At least 3 walls are closer than 5 meters
Walls around the pool within 15 meters
Covered in 3 directions including prevailing wind direction with only 1 open
Covered in 2 directions including prevailing wind direction with the other 2 open
Covered by 1 wall only from the prevailing wind direction with other sides open
Trees and other minor obstacles for wind blocking within 15 meters
If the pool has open, flat ground all around it more than 15 meters in each direction
Required water temperature [°C]:
Pool surface area [m²]:
Maximum allowable heat pump running time during coldest month [h]:
How many hours per day is the pool covered by a heat blanket [h]?:
Do you require the heat pump to run 12 Months in a year?:
Month non-operation starts:
Month non-operation ends:

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