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Commercial Heat Pumps



Commerical Heat Pumps

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Industrial, Commercial & High Temperature Heat Pumps | For your Business

Our heat pumps are designed and manufactured in an ISO9001-regulated facility. We aim to maximise value for money in terms of Life Cycle Cost (LCC). This does not necessarily imply the lowest initial cost, but takes into account the capitalised operating cost including the impact of peak demand and energy consumption tariffs. We therefore strive to offer high quality and reliability, high energy efficiency, low peak power demand, low maintenance and correctly integrated overall system design.

Enerflow EH-MT series heat pumps are ideally suited for supplying hot water in the following applications:

  • Commercial hot water systems including hotels, hostels, hospitals, schools, office blocks and universities.
  • Industrial hot water systems including change houses, laundromats, green houses and space heating.

The heating capacity of the range is between 12 kW - 70 kW. The EH-MT series are also equipped with water regulating valves to ensure a constant outlet temperature of at least 55°C. The units are equipped with automatic defrosting which is excellent for self-protection during colder periods of the year.

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About Enerflow

The Enerflow range is a proud brand of M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd. We specialise in residential, industrial, commercial, as well as, swimming pool heat pumps.

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